Meet Liz

Hey guys, Liz here - the person who designs these clothes. Or as I said on live television, "I'm the designer, so I do the designing." On my adventures, in an effort to create a line that is produced with a story of hope from fiber to sewing, I have experienced a whole lot!

We have recycled nearly 8 TONS of textiles waste (which means figuring out how to transport and sort literally thousands and thousands of pieces of discarded clothing). I have worked alongside the women who make our clothes in Honduras and India and Haiti; watching their families and them grow, is such an honor! - Liz


"Liz is the perfect combination of creative adventurer and tenacious, compassionate pioneer. She makes amazing food while never following a recipe but almost always burns the chocolate chip cookies. She’s never met an adventure she did not embrace giving her a record for visiting over 40 countries by the time she was 30. She does her weekly grocery shopping at the international mart, her Black Friday shopping at Goodwill, and claims that visiting the hardware store is more daunting than an African market.  She is the woman I go to for fashion advice and a compassionate ear - her life is fueled by a deep integrity, compassion, and desire to fight for justice." - Liz's sister Ruth Ann