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We are doing our absolute best to ship your order out as soon as we possible can. We have had some delays on our winter productions because of some storms in Portugal and weaving delays. We promise it will be worth the wait!!

12/30 Jackets have been delayed a few weeks because of these same storms. We are doing our best to catch up! These jackets just passed customs 2/5! These should arrive at our studio 2/9 and we will ship out the jackets 2/9-2/11. We will do our best to ship them out the few days after we get them.

1/30 Jackets have been delayed until 2/30. We are so sorry for the delays on the jackets!! We really are doing everything we can to speed up the process, but unfortunately some major issues have occurred slowing down the process.

1/30 Sweaters are expected to arrive the middle of February and end of February and we will ship them out as soon as they arrive.

1/30 Alpaca Sweaters are expected to ship around the end of February. Because shipping from Bolivia is so expensive, we have to make one shipment at the end of February rather than sooner.

1/30 Handwoven cotton pieces have shipped from India and we should have them to ship to you the week of 2/12.

If you can hold off on sending an email inquiring about your shipment we have 1 person shipping and answering all emails, so we are a bit overwhelmed. Your order is coming as soon as we possibly can get it in the mail to you and really appreciate your patience!  

If you have other questions send us an email to We are really busy at this time, so please allow up to 3 business days for a response.