15 things from nyc: style, sustainability, and happiness

Had the opportunity to live in ny for the past couple of months. I have always loved ny and was grateful for the time I got to spend there overhearing the weirdest conversations working from a new coffee shop every day...

1. Life is hard and we are all just doing the best we can. 

2. Hardest thing to accept that people can be both incredibly good and kind and the same person can do the most hurtful things. Learning to forgive the bad and not become bitter by the good - hard but important!

3. Even though at the time it was crushing - looking back - I am glad I never got a corporate job in NY right after college. Glad I turned down that internship to go to India. Sometimes it's hard to see past what our 'sister ship' life could have been. I want both, but looking at it now - I am pretty sure I would be a completely different person today. Maybe not bad or good, just different. Will probably be grateful for other things that never happened my life that crushed me at the time, or things that forced me to shift my life that I had little control over.

4. Evidently you can wear whatever you want whenever you want.

5. Hope might look a lot like waiting.

6. Sustainable fashion isn’t just better for the people sewing the clothes, it is hands down better too for the designers, art directors, and stylists. Conscious fashion tends to treat their people better!

7. Eco-fashion companies are smaller than you think—90% of them. Which is why it is even more important you support them! You are helping pay for that one person who gets a better job, both here in the States and the person who sewed that garment across the globe.

8. Being around cooperate fashion again made me remember how screwed up the fashion industry is in so many ways, and sadly how far we are from mainstream changes. But, words for you...repair, buy second hand, buy quality things that last forever.

9. Know one talks about NY desserts...they are incredible.

10. Central Park!

11. Someone said this and it was put so beautifully why sometimes I am actually jealous of those who have grown up with nothing, "I was immature and didn't realize we both got different gifts they were just wrapped differently. Mine was wrapped in this beautiful thing called pain and his was wrapped in this difficult thing called affluence. We work so hard in the states to avoid pain, but we forget the blessing that it is. When you are in a place that you NEED God to come through NOW things happen. We miss the blessing that pain and suffering brings us." Have done a lot of hard things in my life - seen a lot - this rings so true!

12.Still one of my favorite cities—love hearing 5 languages in the span of 5 minutes!

13. Fashion might be meaningless and wasteful sometimes, but is still an art form we put on our bodies everyday whether we realize it or not.

14. Evidently, you can cut wide legged pants to any length and they look good.

15. The universal story...I worked in cooperate fashion, finance,...it was incredibly stressful and I realized it wasn't healthy or happy so now I do something completely different but I am good.