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an interview with liz of liz alig

Over the next several months along with our new release every two weeks, we will be featuring a different incredible women (basically these are the women I want to be when I grow up). Each will style one of our garments three different ways. Recently, I have been inspired by women and their stories, so I am asking each of them their tricks, struggles that shaped them, and a few fun facts.

So, I thought I would go first...because most of you don't really know me personally. :)

In one sentence tell me what you do?

I design the clothing for Liz Alig and work directly with our fair trade partners to produce it and source the fabrics.

What do you do for inspiration when you are in a creative rut?

I get on a plane, or you know because that's not always possible, I go for a walk or go to a new store, restaurant, part of town.

Best advice you ever received.

You will always be your own hardest boss, so don't be so hard on yourself.

One product you love.

I found this drugstore french face/hair oil and I love it - Nuxe Huile1

styling/creative "rule" you like to break.

I have never understood the rule of not mixing black and brown together. I love dark neutrals mixed!

What are you reading right now.

I randomly started reading J Los book - it was good :) Also just read Start with Why and To Shake the Sleeping Self.

What does success mean to you?

Designing a garment that becomes someone's favorite piece in their wardrobe. Making the lives of women who live in extreme poverty better.

The scariest thing you've ever done or seen.

I witnessed a gang hold-up in Honduras...head on collision, group of guys dressed as police with machine guns ran across the intersection dragged a man out of his car then and sped off in it. The whole time a friend rushed out to see if those in the wreck were safe. I just sat in the car stunned.

What is the most fulfilling thing about your work?

Getting to work directly with the people who make our clothes. There is also still nothing like getting a new batch of samples in, feels like Xmas every time.

Below I am wearing the Harper Dress and the Velda Dress paired with Lotta of Stockholm Clogs, Hansel of Basel Socks, and my favorite tote from Florence.


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