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A large part of fair trade is creating a marketplace for producers in developing countries that do not have a voice in our global market.  Over the years we have partnered with amazing organizations that are providing education, a good job, and benefits to women in developing countries - this is unheard of in many factory settings!  But, we need your help to create a marketplace for their amazing work - which is why we would like to partner with you and your store to make this happen. 

Create a Wholesale Accountphoto0151.jpg

If you would like to be approved for a wholesale account please complete the following steps:

Step 1:
Sign up for a Liz Alig wholesale account. Click on create an account at the top of our site.  Include your Tax ID # in the form so that you will be eligible for wholesale pricing.

Step 2:
E-mail us at to notify us that you would like your status and pricing to change to wholesale.  Please include your website and bricks-and-mortar store location (or potential location), or your online website address.  We will contact you within two business days letting you know that your wholesale account has been approved.  Once your account has been approved, you will be able to view wholesale pricing on our website and place orders online.

img-9180.jpgQuestions and FAQS

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions:

Liz Alig
5504 North 300 West
Greenfield, IN   46140
Phone: (317) 457-6970

Catalog: Request our latest catalog here

Trade Shows: We show at various wholesale trade shows.  Please contact us directly and we will point you to a brand rep who can show you the line or our next trade show.

Wholesale Minimum Opening Order: $200 or 2 packs of any 2 styles

Wholesale Ordering Tips from Liz Alig:

Liz Alig is committed to being a different sort of clothing company.  We are passionate about fashion forward styles, ethical fabrics, and fair trade production.  Ordering our products may differ from other sources, so here are some tips for ordering Liz Alig products:

#1...Understanding Our Fabricsb-ablack-leggings.jpg

Because it can be difficult to find the origin of many raw materials - Liz Alig has become creative in our use of textiles to ensure clothing is produced ethically from the beginning of the production process.  Here are some tips to understand ordering garments for different fabrics:

Recycled Fabrics:  We utilize both upcycled ethnic fabrics (as in our Lucy Dress), as well as, cotton t-shirt and silk fabrics.  This line is great for customers looking for a green, ethical, fashion forward, one of a kind selections.  Due to the nature of this collection, no two items are exactly alike.  Each piece will be in the same spirit as the one shown, but colors and textures may vary slightly.  Retailers may select color preferences (ex. warm or cool colors) for each style; however, we cannot guarantee specific fabrics in any case.  It is also important to note that we do our best to take out stained and holey fabrics, but small stains and holes may appear in finished garments - this is proof that it had a previous life.

Organic Cotton and 100% Cotton Line: This line offers a selection of fashion forward, fair trade dresses and shirts produced from organic cotton.  Fabrics in this collection are pre-dyed and therefore will be the same for every piece.

Hand Woven Fabrics and Yarns:  We work with groups in Nepal, India, and Cambodia that create beautiful hand woven yarn and fabrics.  Because these fabrics are more time consuming to produce they are naturally a little more expensive. 

#2...Understanding our Cases. 

Liz Alig clothing items are sold in case of 6 items.  Retail locations can select which sizes will make up their case.  (Standard case is:  1 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large, 1 XL).  Our sizing tends to run a bit small, so please check out our sizing chart to see what items are appropriate for your retail location.  Accessories are sold in 10 count cases.  Our small cases sizes allow you to carry Liz Alig products with low initial investment.  Our minimum initial order is only 2 cases.  $15 service fee for orders under minimum.  Minimum re-order is one case.

#3...Understanding Hand Crafted Production.

Liz Alig is dedicated to producing garments in an ethical and fair environment.  We partner with Global Fair Trade partners in the production of our products.  Our pieces are not made in large factories, but rather are handcrafted one at a time.  Because of this, you may find a slight variation in sizing and style of each garment.  We work with our producers on quality control and sizing guidelines; however, we also recognize that as our producers do not have the same access to large industrial production machines, Liz Alig garments will have a one of a kind sort of charm in sizing and production.

#4...Understanding our Ordering Timeline.

Wholesale orders can be placed in our online store, or via e-mail, fax or phone.  Credit card information or pre-payment is required at time of order.  Payment will be processed at time of shipment.  Returning customers may request to be eligible for net 30 terms.  Ordering time line:  Orders are hand crafted specifically for your store so be sure to order early.  For spring collection, orders should be place by early January; for Fall collection, orders should be place by early May to ensure timely delivery. Because of the constraints of international shipping, reorders may only be available in limited quantities so be sure to order sufficient quantities in your first order.

img-8654-2-.jpg#5...Understanding our Shipping Policy

When placing your online order, you may select the method of shipping preferred.  If not method is specified, items will be shipped via the most economical method.  Sorry, we do not ship COD. 

Generally we have a Spring and Fall Ship date of March 1 and August 1.  You may select a different preferred delivery date at time of order; however, we cannot guarantee delivery dates.  Any promised delivery date is only the best estimate of when the merchandise will be shipped.  Items out of stock may be placed on back order and may be shipped at a later date or dropped.  The risk of loss and title of the goods pass to the buyer upon Liz Alig’s delivery to the carrier.  Liz Alig assumes no liability for loss due to delay in shipping. 

Because our hand crafted items are produced specifically for your orders, they are not returnable.  As a part of our fair trade principles, we guarantee your orders to our producers so that they can count on a consistent source of income as they grow their businesses.  The only exception we make is for defective items.  If there are any shortages or damages in your order, you must contact us within 1 week of receiving your shipment.  We will gladly arrange for you to return unworn, defective garments for a other items or merchandise credit.