How to Style Tights

Been updating our website this week - apparently the second most viewed page on our site is my blog post giving tips of when to wear leggings and when to wear tights, so thought I would pass along a few more suggestions for styling tights this season...

  • Tights, my friends, are coming back...the bright yellow, cabled grey, and plain old opaque black tights are all back! If you are uncomfortable with bright colored tights, try a pair with a neutral dress, socks and shoes - you might be surprised.
  • Tights are all about texture! If you are wearing a knit sweater dress try some opaque tights with it. Throw on some chunky cabled tights with a print dress or maybe some bright red textured tights with a grey t-shirt tunic.
  • Try adding socks over your tights. It helps divide your ankle. You can be really funky and wear bright socks with a completely different colored tight, or you can pair grey with grey - even this adds some texture to an outfit.
  • Try a pair of tights with shorts.
  • Tights + a mini skirt + boots!
  • Tights are a great way to mix neutrals in the winter. You wanna pull off navy and black together? Try black tights with a navy dress. Mix shades of grey. Tights are a way to pass off pretty much any mixing of neutrals.
  • Finally, tights with the little black dress - always a good idea!

Below our Charlotte Wrap Dress goes really well with most any pair of tights you have. (I may not have used the word tights that much in my life :)) As a Halloween treat we are giving you 50% off our Fall Collection for only 2 days, so hurry!