How to Style a Dress in the Winter

I have been bored stuck inside for the past few days during the polar vortex...I mean not really stuck because my studio is a mile down the street, but I feel slightly stuck. So I cleaned out my closet. In the midst of that I styled a few of our dresses for the winter months, because I am tired of wearing the same leggings and sweater combo. 

If you have ever done Dressember (An organization that fights human trafficking with...a dress) - you are probably more of a pro than I am at this, but here are a few of my favorite tips for styling dresses in the winter.

  • Tights + socks are a winning and WARM combo. Get a pair of wool will thank me later!
  • Go buy a couple of cashmere sweaters from your favorite thrift store, they will be your best friend this winter and are so easy to layer with any dress. Try a cashmere turtleneck under a dress.
  • Monochrome is always an easy way to layer. Blue dress with a blue sweater. Neutrals with neutrals.
  • When layering always consider the length of the two garments, i.e. when adding a sweater or coat to an outfit you either want them to be close to the same length or at waist length with around knee length or longer. It is the whole rule of thirds - you don't wanna cut your body into too many sections with all those layers.
  • Fancy dress with snow boots - it actually works most of the time. Good way to dress up and down them both :)
  • Black tights and a black long sleeve T looks great with most sleeveless dresses.
  • Add denim under dresses that are shorter than knee length. Longer dresses it can boarder on a hobo look - which if that is what you are going for I mean by all means.
  • Same with leggings, they look best with dresses that are above knee length. Makes the dress double as a tunic.
  • 2 cardigans together over a dress! Just make sure they are close to the same length.
  • Tights are a great way to add texture to an outfit and are perfect with any dress.

Kimmy Dress made in Bangladesh from handwoven recycled cotton fibers. 

Liz Alig Kimmy Dress

Sydney Dress handmade in Cambodia by a small workshop there from recycled excess stock fabrics.

Liz Alig Sydney Dress

Gloria Dress made from recycled traditional Guatemalan Corte Fabric and handmade by women entrepreneurs. 

Fair Trade Dress

Reed Dress made from recycled t-shirts and sewn by an NGO in Honduras giving women the skills to help themselves out of poverty.

Fair Trade Reed Dress